2. Famous Chalk Pastel Artists


Edgar Degas is probably the most famous chalk pastel artist in the last couple hundred years of art history. His pastel paintings of ballerinas are gorgeous, and recognizable to almost everybody. Check out some of his work here: globalgallery.com and here at metmuseum.org.


Da Vinci also used pastel sticks, mainly in brown and white, to create some of his most famous drawings. That's the versatility of padtels, they can be used as either a drawing or painting medium. Where exactly an artwork crosses over the line from drawing to painting is a completely subjective matter. But the point is that you can use chalk pastels in a linear and monochromatic way, or with full color and painterly strokes and technique. Check out this cool history of pastel painting.


Mary Cassat was another champion of the pastel medium, and helped popularize it in the USA in the 19th century. She is famous for weiding pastels to create the most painterly effect. See the complete collection of her pastel art here. Other famous artists to work in chalk pastels include Edouard Manet, James McNeill Whistler, and Odilon Redon.




3. Favorite Chalk Pastel Video Tutorials


Lots of great online art tutorials abound, but some of our favorites were found at conceptrt.org and ...

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